Up-Coming Thrive Home Builders Lot Release in “North End”!

By Petra Goldner Jan 26, 2024
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Thrive Home Builders is selling the last few lots in Beeler Park and Bluff Lake & they’re about to roll out their first lots in “North End”, Stapleton’s last neighborhood!   The lots are going to be released around August but it’s not too early to act on them.

North End Neighborhood Park Rendering

In this post we’ll give you the scoop on the last homes they have available now and update you on what we’ve learned about their up-coming lots in North End.  As the saying goes… the early bird gets the worm (in this case the most desirable floor plan and lot!) so if you’re interested in a North End new build lets chat and get you in position to get what you want!

Before we jump into the details here are a few items you may need to understand the context.  First, here is a map of North End so you can get your bearings.  This new neighborhood is to the East of Dick’s Sporting Good Park and Beeler Park.  Not really familiar with Thrive Home Builders?  For an overview check out this post real quick before you read on.

Ok, lets dive in and get you an update on each home series, organized by price range.

Thrive’s Stapleton Inventory Update:

“Element” Collection: ($200k’s price range)

The Element town homes series are income-qualified town homes (meaning only buyers that make less than a certain income level can buy them) selling in Beeler Park, mostly on Central Park Blvd but some will be on side streets.  Thrive is very likely to eventually have around 40 of them for sale in North End, but that’s not finalized yet.

These homes are roughly 1,200 – 1,300 sf with either 2 or 3 bedrooms depending on the plan.  At this amazing price point in the low $200k’s they’re hot commodities and they sell as soon as they become available.  Buyers in this series could have a long wait but for many its well worth it to get a great home in a beautiful neighborhood at a price point that can’t normally be found.  The buyers that are purchasing next could be waiting until late 2019/early 2020 for move in.

If you’re interested we’ll want to help you take some steps to get prepared, including getting on the builder’s wait list, getting prequalified with an experienced lender and getting you informed about the city approval process.  You can visit the model home at 5501 Central Park Blvd Denver, CO 80238 and let’s chat about the nuances of this series if you’re interested.  (my contact info is at the bottom)

Here is where you can see the floor plans and check out the exteriors.

“North End Rows” Collection:  ($400k’s price range)

North End Rows

This North End Rows series is Thrive’s attached, three-story town home series.  They’ve been building previous versions of these modern row homes in Stapleton for quite a while so you’ve likely seen them before.  They have 2-3 bedrooms and range in square footage from approximately 1,200 – 1,650 sf.

Currently Thrive is completely sold out of this series but they’re going to release their first lots in North End in August.   Because they’re sold out they don’t have their plans available online but here are some resale examples of this series so you can see what they’re like.  

Pricing is still “TBD” (I expect it to be up around $5k – $7k from their previous pricing) but here is a North End map with some notes that can help.  All the lots in this series are labelled as “F9” and I’ve circled in red the first release.  These 8 lots in the first release face West (some over ranch style homes so they could possibly have views!), they’re right next to a huge green space and they’re walking distance to the new Imagine elementary school.  They have each of their 3 plans available as of right now in this first release.

So what can you do to get ahead of the curve and pick out the best lot and plan right now before they release?  The good news is we can help you lock up a “First Right of Refusal” on the lot & plan you want.  That means you put down a $6k fully refundable deposit with the builder and that gives you the first chance to buy the lot you want when it releases.  If when they release it you don’t like the price, which are surely to be up a little from past prices based on the market, you are free to walk away with a full refund of your $6k deposit.  So no risk to lock up the lot you want.

The model home for this series is located at 4951 Valentia St if you want to pop by and check it out.

“Solaris III” Collection: (High $500k’s/Low $600k’s price range)

The Solaris III collection is in the closeout phase, with just a few remaining homes located in Bluff Lake in this series before its complete. These homes will not be sold in North End.

Solaris III Model Kitchen

In this latest evolution of their long running single family detached home Solaris series they had 3 floor plans; the Platte, the Speer, and the Merrill.  Of the 3 plans, only the Speer and the Platte remain at this point.  You can check out the floor plans here and here is a map showing the location of the 5 remaining home sites, as well as which plan sits on each lot.  Here are some details on 2 of the 5 homes that are “specs” (meaning they’ve already had the options picked out and they’re under construction) on interior lots and some info on a spec on a corner lot.  (last corner lot in Bluff Lake!).  If you’re looking in the high $500k’s/low $600k’s price range and you want a new build on the South side of Stapleton near Stanley Marketplace and the Fitzsimmons Medical Campus these could be a great fit.  The model home is located at 2592 Fulton St Aurora, CO 80010.

As I mentioned, this series is being built in the Bluff Lake (Aurora) neighborhood of Stapleton.  (Not familiar with the Bluff Lake (Aurora) area of Stapleton?  Here is a post I did on the area)

“Vita” Collection:  ($600k’s price range)

Vita Model Exterior

The Vita collection is a single family home series that Thrive has been building in Beeler Park, which is in Stapleton north of I-70 & just to the east of Dick’s Sporting Good Park.  In this series Thrive is offering 5 plans that range in sf from approximately 1,800 – 2,300, not including the optional finished basements.  This series is very similar to the one we built with Thrive for our personal home and 6 years into it we’re really happy with our choice.

As of the time I’m writing this post Thrive has sold nearly all of their available homes in this series in Beeler Park but they still have 6 available.  You can check out their base price info and info on a few spec homes they’ve started here.  If you’d like to check them out and learn more you can visit the model home at 9095 58th Dr Denver, CO 80238.

You can check out the available plans (plans 1 & 2) here.

These homes have base prices in the mid $500k’s so depending on the plan and your upgrades you’ll likely end up with an “all in” price in the $600k’s on homes in this series.

North End Neighborhood Pool & Park Plan

The first release of these homes in North End will be 5 lots facing onto a huge green space and just a short walk from Stapleton’s largest pool (with a slide!) and the new Inspire elementary school.  Each of their floor plans, except for their plan 3, are available in this first release.  I think these are going to sell quick!  Here is a map where you can see all the up-coming Vita lots, they’re the ones labelled “CD2”, and I’ve circled the first 5 lots to be released.  

Remember, even if you want a lot that’s not released yet we can help you get a first right of refusal on the lot which gives you the first chance to buy it when it becomes available!

“ZEN 2.0” Collection:  ($700k’s price range)

In this latest evolution of their super energy efficient single family detached home series they offer three plans, the “AMP”, the “EDG” and the “PWR”.  There are two significant differences between this series and their Vita collection.  First, these homes are “zero energy now” standard, which means they are built so efficiently & they have so much solar that your monthly bills will be all but eliminated! (all that remains is the little energy company fees that can’t be offset by your solar production.  Our past clients say it’s around $40/mth)  Second, these homes sit on shallow but wide lots and they provide nice rectangular backyards, whereas the Vita collection lots are narrower but deeper.  Although the yards still aren’t large (they typically aren’t in Stapleton by design) they are a nice useful shape which allows you to have a back patio with dining area and a small yard for kids and pets.

These three plans range in sf from approximately 2,100 to 2,550 above grade, not including the optional finished basements.  So they are larger plans.  They also have very nice included standard finishes, like stainless steel KitchenAid appliances as well as all the indoor air quality innovations that I discussed above in the Vita collection section.

This series has worked really well for a lot of our buyers, in particular because you can have 4 bedrooms upstairs on two of their three floor plans.  There aren’t a lot of builders that offer 4 beds upstairs (By the way…the other ones in Stapleton that do right now are Infinity, Parkwood and Wonderland in case you were wondering) and there are a lot of families that desire this bedroom layout.

These homes have base prices in the $600k’s range so all in you’ll likely end up in the $700k’s range depending on your location, finishes, basement finish, etc..

Zen 2.0 “PWR” floor plan

There are currently 8 lots available in Beeler Park.  You can check out a map showing you these lots here and if you want more detail on which plans sit on each lot you can find that here.

Around August Thrive will release their first 6 lots in for Zen 2.0 in North End.  Here is map showing you where you can see all the Zen 2.0 lots, labelled “CD2W”, and I’ve circled the first 6 lots that will be released.

The PWR plan is my favorite, if we were to move to a new Thrive home I think this is the plan that makes the most sense for our family of 5.  I love the open layout, tall ceilings, the office, the 4 bedrooms up and the way the home has sliding doors on the front and back of the living room area on the main level.

“Panacea” Collection:  ($1.0M – $1.2M price range)

The Panacea collection is one of Thrive’s latest collections of single family homes in Stapleton and it’s like no other.  This series, which is their largest and grandest to date, showcases all that they’ve learned in energy efficiency and home health .  The homes are on larger lots that typically face a green space.

North End “Cloud Park” Rendering

In this series there were only 14 lots available in Stapleton’s Beeler Park neighborhood and as of right now there are only a few left.  These homes won’t be built in the first part of North End, the next neighborhood, but they are expected to resurface again in the last part of the neighborhood.  So as a buyer if you love this series you may want to snag one of the last ones in Beeler Park or you may be waiting a while.

There are 2 floor plans, each with two elevation options.  (which just means two different exterior looks) Check out these two floor plans here.  Each home has 3- 6 bedrooms and is well over 3,000 sf above grade.  You can actually get these homes close to 5,000 finished sf if you choose to finish the basement.  So these are larger and wider than the Thrive homes we’re used to in Stapleton.

Panacea Model Home in Beeler Park

The plans come with the zero energy package, which means that your energy bills will be almost entirely wiped out by the energy efficiency upgrades of the home coupled with the large solar array on the roof. That’s hundreds of dollars per month you’d save on a home this size!

The homes all have large open great rooms on the main level, tons of natural light through the large windows, gourmet kitchens, 3 car garages, mudrooms and as I mentioned they will all be located on larger, premium lots that face green spaces and parks.

At the current time there are just 4 Panacea lots left.  Here is a map showing you all the available Panacea lots in Beeler Park.

With base prices around $900k you’re likely all in end cost is probably in the $1.0M – $1.2M range, depending on your lot and upgrade selections.  How did I get from a base price of $900k to an all in cost of $1.1M or more?  The formula is base price + lot premium (which varies by lot) + structural selections (finished basement, etc) + design center selections (cabinets, flooring, etc).  We’re happy to help you through the pricing equation for Thrive or any of the other builders if you’re interested.

So there you have it, those are all your home buying options with Thrive Home Builders at the current time in Stapleton.  This was just an overview, if you saw something you liked and you want more detailed information we’re here to help.  My contact info is below & I’m easy to reach.  At Focus Real Estate we don’t have any affiliation with any one builder, we help buyers assess all their home buying options in Stapleton, new and resale, so they make the best decision possible for their unique situation.

Think building new sounds good but not sure how it works?  This video series will show you the process from A-Z so you know what to expect.

Petra Goldner

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