Did You Know About The “Skin Care Studio” In Stapleton?

By Petra Goldner Jan 26, 2024
Skin Care

I don’t know why but it takes some courage for me to admit that I got a facial.  It doesn’t seem like a very manly thing to admit but I did it anyway.  Julie Bellina, licensed Esthetician and owner of “Skin Care Studio” in Stapleton, was nice enough to invite me over to learn more about her Stapleton based skin care business.  When I arrived she offered me a free facial and I have to admit it was very relaxing and felt great!

Julie has a beautiful spa-like studio located in her home in Central Park North in Stapleton which makes it extremely convenient!  The studio is very comfortable and professional, you don’t feel like you are in someone’s home…it really feels like you are at a spa.  You can set an appointment ahead of time, get there in minutes and not have to deal with any traffic! (I just heard that she has daycare that she can provide for your kiddos while you receive your treatment!)

Julie offers an array of services including several types of facials, peels and waxes.  She doesn’t just want to provide a one time cookie cutter experience, she prefers to get to know her clients and provide them with a one-on-one customized plan to take care of their specific skin care needs.  She uses a combination of holistic and traditional skin care methods.

As she gave me my free facial (thanks again!) she explained that Colorado’s environment is very harsh on our skin and it’s important to protect and care for it.  I know she’s right, how easy is it to get a sunburn around here?  She has a whole line of products to help with your skin, all of which are very healthy and non-toxic, but she is not pushy at all which I always appreciate.

Stapleton moms, another way you can enjoy Julie’s services is by setting up a party there for you and your friends!  The Skin Care Studio is now offering “Private Peel Parties.” Grab a group of your girlfriends for a fun skin care morning or evening. All guests will receive an express facial that includes a Peel Treatment. Julie will provide cocktails and treats. All you have to do is invite your girlfriends (ideally 4-10) and pick a date and time that works for you!

We all seem to be leading really busy lives these days.  Between kids, work and other obligations its easy to go a long time without doing anything nice for yourself.  Who do you know that may enjoy a nice relaxing facial?  Call Julie at the Skin Care Clinic and get something on the calendar now!

Petra Goldner

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