November 23, 2014


Have you wondered if solar was a good idea for your home?  I never really gave it much thought until we learned about it while we were buying our new home in Stapleton.  We had it growing up as a kid but obviously it's come a long way.  I recently had a chance to meet and get to know Andrew Knutson, the Regional Sales Manager with Solar City (you may have seen their signs in yards around Stapleton).  We found out we have jogging in common (he's a once a day jogger and I'm a once every 2 weeks jogger but whatever) and so we've been hitting the road every once and while.  In those jogs I've gotten to know him pretty well and I think he gives his clients good straight forward advice on whether solar makes sense for them or not.  I also like that they can finance your system in house and they manage not only the installation of the system but the maintenance of it for as long as you have it.  The fact that they have to take care of it after they install it gives me confidence they will do it right.  I wanted to share what he has to offer with the Stapleton Scoop as well as my friends and family in case they're interested.   Check out the brief video below that Andrew and I shot about solar and if you want to learn more take him up on his offer for a free in home consultation.  I've put all his contact information below or you can click here to learn more about how much you can save by filling out a quick on-line form:

So if you need solar now you know who to call, and if you need to buy or sell a home I'd love to help!

Joe Phillips – Synergy Real Estate Team – (720) 545-9003 –

To contact Andrew Knutson with Solar City directly you can call him at (602) 689-0225 or email him at

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